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As a Not-for-Profit we provide professional corflute signs for Climate advocates at cost price.

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CANsign is a not-for-profit organisation borne out of the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019/20 which devastated vast areas of Australia.  Many people on the NSW coastline started painting their fences with “We Want Climate Action” signs.  Our organisation now provides quality signs to those that want to support the campaign. This spread to entire towns and villages in NSW and is now available nationally.  CANsigns are high quality and priced at cost and can be picked up from certain depots (with cable ties) or delivered by post. Fill your town or street with these attractive yellow signs and make clear statements to those in power we need urgent change. 
The CANsign logo tells it all with the globe and map of Australia on a melting and alarmed clock with time running out.   CANsign offers signage to Australia’s many Climate Action Now (CAN) groups (more than 70) and its members (approx. 1 million!) as well as individuals.  Join in the CANsign campaign.  


2019 - 2020

Australian bush Fires

With the last summer bushfires now pointing out that we have reached a tipping point the public and industry have already made up their minds that we are late in getting started. The Government is the laggard at the moment.

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