All About Signs

CANsign, as a not-for-profit group, hosts signage from many Environment and Climate Action Now (CAN) groups as well as our own CANsign signs and stickers etc. You can find out more about CANsign and our history here.

How we can help you with your own sign designs

If you are a Climate Action or Environment Group and wish to create new signs or list your current signs on CANsign, we’d love to work with you.  Our team is ready – just write to and get started.

CANsign does so much more than print and deliver signs.  We can offer graphic design assistance, e-commerce hosting options for your sign, delivery by Australia Post or pickup at set locations across the country.  See our full list of our services to help individuals and environment groups.

What makes a good sign?

Signs come in various sizes and options which include thickness, and eyelets. Generally we find signs in prominent places, such as on front fences on roadsides and the most popular signs are those that have these options:-

  • reviewed artwork to ensure effectiveness (3 levels of graphic design from free to $500 are offered)
  • 900mm x 600mm
  • 5 mm thickness
  • 4 eyelets
  • (Cable ties, information sheets – supplied)

Standard sizes are shown below.

CANsign uses product codes to uniquely identify each design. Alphabetic characters in the product codes identify sizing, e.g., CAN-25-4.5J where 25 is the design code, 4 is the eyelets, 5 is the thickness and J is the size.

Postage and Pickup Options

CANsign offers broad distribution of signs using Australia Post, as well as localised distribution – for campaigning for example.

(If you are someone who has used CANsign to design and print your own signs, you can also utilise these services, and/or you can choose to on-sell your signs as and where you see fit.)


We use Australia Post to deliver signs anywhere in Australia.  Corflute signs of 5mm thickness and under 1m in length are optimal and travel well unsealed with a label and cable ties usually attached by tape.  Several signs can be packed back-to-back, usually in bundles up to 3 or 4.  Packs of signs above 10 come in boxes.  As a guide 900×600 signs of 5 mm thick with 4 eyelets can come in 1 box of 16. 

A single sign of 900mm x 600mm can be posted usually for approx. $9.30 while 2 signs might be $12.50. We apply current Australia Post rates at checkout.  If you have special requirements, then contact for assistance.

Pickup Options

CANsign has a number of pickup outlets/depots across the State (mostly NSW) and this is growing as CANsign services are being recognised in the environment movement.

We also enable purchase and pickup at outlets such as pop-up market stalls and campaign events.



If a sign is picked up at an outlet, market stall, or event, any payment due is made to the outlet or event manager. Alternatively, the customer fills in the simple online form on to order and pay for their sign instantly and takes their sign with them on the spot. 



Signs can be ordered and paid for online, and an outlet/depot chosen for pickup later.  This option appears in the online checkout when you order and pay on the CANsign website. Not all signs are at every outlet/depot so first either 

  1. Check the signage available at the chosen local outlet/depot or
  2. Select the required sign and check the location options for that sign

NB: If a sign is either out of stock or not listed for the chosen depot, use the Contact page or write to and we shall be in touch to make suitable arrangements.  We want to get that sign to you!