Why use CANsign for printing vs other commercial print services?

CANsign Inc – your friendly, low-cost signage service focused on the environment.

CANsign is designed to support Environment and Climate Action Groups and help design, print, and dispatch their messages Australia wide. We are more than a print service as shown below.

Being an entirely volunteer-run Not for Profit, we aim to offer these at lowest cost in the country. Whether you are a big  Environment Group or a small Climate Action network with no professional services CANsign will work for you.

ServiceCommercial PrinterCANsignComment
Link to powerful CAN stories.FreeWe have whole towns with climate action signs out and videos to link to. Use these videos, pictures and history to bolster your campaign.
Ready to go Climate Action signage - available online and delivery Aust-wide..Yes – from $15Haven’t got your own design yet? Try these. Designed for Rural and Roadside use; Cafes, and windows/cars (Stickers).
GRAPHIC DESIGN at cost price.Yes – Free to $500From free to $100 for minor services, to $200 for medium services and full signage design concept work ¬ $500
Use of the CANsign logo on your sign.Yes – FreeHave your signs stamped with the CANsign logo – join the Aust wide movement.
Use of our CANsign campaign knowledge.Yes – FreeWe have organized whole streets, local towns and know methods that work well to mobile CAN signage. Let us help your team do it well. Handling community groups/businesses, non-activists and activists can be key to your campaign success. Manage resistance. Stay informed.
PrintingYesYes – at near or wholesale pricingCANsign has access to trade pricing you and saves you shopping around for best pricing. We are NFP and keep any markup, if any at all, to just cover our admin services related to getting your job done.
DispatchYesYes – at costs or sometimes free from depotsCANsign arranges dispatch for bulk purchases, and will deliver for free in some circumstances via its depots.
Product listing on CANsign’s e-commerce site..Yes - FreeYou can post our link on your website or send the website link to your members.
Product warehousing.Yes - FreeWe will hold your signs in house at no cost and ship to order as required.
Order data hosting or forwarding.Yes - FreeWe capture order data in our database and can forward all order info to you on a summary basis. You know who is ordering and from where.
Campaign pictures and videos.Yes - FreeWe capture pictures, make a collage, videos that can be posted on our page or yours. Stories are powerful and families standing by their signs help your campaign grow.
Automatic Thank You letter and information on product recycling and reuse.Yes - FreeHave your members be informed of how to do signage well, how to stay informed on your campaign(s), how to recycle/reuse corflute.
Links to other Alliance partners.YesJoin other CAN groups using our services and expand your networks. Climate and biodiversity groups are forming bigger alliances.
Social media links.YesLink your campaign and get further promotions off CANsign’s Facebook page . We’re into cross-promotion - you link to us - we link to you!

Climate action groups have their hands full just running their campaign. Generating signs, stickers and
engaging printers etc. can be distracting and drain the energy from the group when you can be more
focused on the campaign itself. Let CANsign do the hard work on getting your signage done and distributed and even online at cost so you can run a better campaign.

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